Why Two Websites?

We are transitioning with a new suite of products, meals, and a unique style of service. Instead of taking away what our current customers rely on for meal time, we have created a new website experience to be an expression and "test" of a new marketplace and more exploratory set of meals and products. 


What makes us unique? 

The premise of our unifying mantra, "Family Meals Made Easy," is to truly make mealtime easier for families and to engage everyone in the process of making. It means that for the 1-hour that you get to be together as a family during dinner, you are not wasting your time figuring out the recipe or seeking all the parts and pieces to it and it becomes using it as an opportunity to connect.

Each of our meals and kit products engages kids in the making. That means that with each recipe, we carefully consider how you interact with your child. 

Making: 30-minutes or less

Each meal still fits into our category of 30 minutes or less. Many of them can be made in under 12 minutes, like our Tacos, Burgers, and Tikka Masala. We are getting ready to go live in January, and we will have a series of chefs we are working with to embrace the new Family Meals Made Easy brand. 

Enjoying Together

We encourage our families to start meal time with the making and then journey to a different place to eat together around the family table. This act is becoming a lost art form and is a vital part of the family balance to set this standard. Chef Catherine often talks about this importance on her blog.


We are best known for our flavors and our creativity with family meals. There is something for everyone, from kids to parents. Setting the tone, reshaping the model, and getting everyone on board to try. Don't get discouraged if your child doesn't gravitate toward the new foods and flavors initially; just keep encouraging. We have a Picky Kids Meal option, but we still encourage you to present and try it. Eventually, they will dig in. 


We want to ensure that every family that enjoys our food also benefits from the reward. We offer a free cookie package with every box. Our free cookie kits should give each of you one cookie. It is the perfect after-school activity to reward your child when the parcel arrives. We also encourage the use of our Handstand Kitchen partnership products to inspire. 


Will Onepotato.com still exist?  

One Potato as a brand will still exist at www.onepotato.com with limited meal offerings and products to serve our families who love what we have historically done. It will be available as long as we have customers interested in it.

But we have to evolve. Families want more flexibility, creative choice and the ability to order without having a subscription.